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Coko & Daphney

Coko & Daphney are Coko Galore and Daphney Joseph, two friends who love comedy, dance, and each other. Coko Galore is an African-Chinese performer and producer originally from London, UK. Daphney Joseph is a Haitian-Canadian performer from Montreal, Quebec. Coko & Daphney have performed at various festivals in North America including Big City Improv Festival 2014 & 2015 (Toronto), SheDot Festival 2015 (Toronto), Del Close Marathon 17/2015 (New York City), Boston Comedy Arts Festival (Boston) and the 10th Annual Montreal Improv Festival (Montreal). They recently performed at the Black Like She – Women in Comedy Showcase at the Harbourfront’s Annual Kuumba Festival (Toronto). Come watch these two kooky ladies perform their rapid fire scenes filled with fresh, unique perspectives, laughs and curlz!



April 15th, 2016

9:00 PM

Home City



Coko Galore Daphney Joseph